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Growing Smarter means getting the most out of your investment. Save energy, save time, save effort and maximize your grow. Make your bottom line as healthy as your product.


Barron Lighting Group has a 41 year old history of manufacturing high quality lighting products. Our deep rooted core value of service and providing satisfaction for customers, vendors and employees has led to significant organic growth and a suite of products that can fulfill virtually any commercial lighting requirement.


In 1973 our company was established as a contract manufacturer, serving Illinois and Wisconsin, with the purchase of Barron Manufacturing from Basic Electronics. Eleven years later, to resolve a customer’s challenge and frustration with constantly replacing exit sign light bulbs in hard to reach areas, Barron designed, engineered and manufactured the first LED exit; and in 1984 the company launched the EXITRONIX brand.


With its growing passion for lighting solutions, Barron developed a comprehensive line of LED, induction, florescent and HID fixtures to handle the most challenging commercial and industrial applications. The 2006 launch of the TRACE*LITE division brought Barron Lighting Group into a new era of expanded capabilities and the specialtyLED division followed soon after with an offering of decorative LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. With specialtyLED we added the ability to provide full design services to provide our customers with more options for their customized ideas.

2014 marked the latest Barron Lighting Group innovation and the next step in our commitment to serve the industry with the most effective solutions. Launching the Indoor Grow Science division, Barron has brought four decades of lighting success to an entirely new space with specialized, patented indoor horticultural lighting. This proactive approach, with proven technology and results will support the development of a growing market, filling a need that will serve a purpose beyond illumination as this new industry unfolds.


Barron Lighting Group operates an 80,000 square foot production facility at its corporate headquarters in Glendale Arizona. With ten distribution centers in the United States, Barron also utilizes five manufacturing sites in China with an operating capacity in excess of one million square feet.


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