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Growing Smarter means getting the most out of your investment. Save energy, save time, save effort and maximize your grow. Make your bottom line as healthy as your product.

High quality reflectors for any application. HID and linear fluorescent options available.

Indoor Grow Science® reflectors

by Growlite®are the only

UL Listed grow lightson the market.

Grow with confidence.

Growing Smarter.

Power your lamps with confidence with our adjustable ballasts.

Low profile ballasts are easily

switched to operate 400, 600 or

1000 watt MH or HPS lamps.

Features buit in cooling fans

for reliable operation and long life.

Specially designed lamps in HPS, MH or T5HO configurations to maximize your grow.

Open rated lamps availble in

Real Red™ HPS 2000K for flowering

stages and Tru Blue™ MH 6500K

for vegetation stages. Also available

in linear fluorescent.

Accessories designed specifically to work with our fixtures.

Circulation fans, adjustable rope

ratchets and socket extenders

round out your installation

to fit any application.